Pros and cons of speech to text program

People are now becoming used to all the new technologies to save time, efforts and expenditure. Speech to text software is a kind of revolution in the writing sector. We need to spend a lot of time on typing and writing with hand to get a written or typed output. But have you ever think you don’t need to use u=your hands or keyboards to write something. You only have to speak, and the software will automatically transfer your voice to the text. Yes, it is super easy. Preparing assignments, writing essay, blogs, e-mail have become so easy with the speech to text program. All you need to have a PC, the voice to text software and you are good to go. It is a great help for those who are slow in typing but have to type or write many things for the different purpose. I have been using the speech to text program for a couple of months. Firstly I have faced few problems while using it. But it has become easy now, and I can get pages after pages writing documents without many efforts. Though there are many benefits of using speak to text software, it is not error free. So, here I am discussing some pros and cons of speak to text programs.

Pros of speech to text program

1.    The main advantage of speak to text program is it saves time. You have to talk to your software following the instruction of using this app.

2.    It is replacing the use of the keyboard and the pen. We now don’t have to be depended on these things to write anything.

3.    As the software runs five times faster than typing, you will get a good output within a very short time.

4.    You can sit relaxing anywhere at your room and talk loudly and clearly to the software. You don’t have to tick to any device to write something now. Even you can type while you are walking cooking, washing, etc.

5.    Now you don’t have to stare whole time on the screen to type anything. You can write without watching the screen. Isn’t it amazing?
Cons of speech to text program

Well, it is a real hazard to install the program on your PC and the other devices. After installing the program successfully, you have to give some time to the app to respond to your voice correctly. Moreover, you also need to speak to the app at a constant speed. You may need to correct the spelling which the app don’t understand.

Though there are few cons of using speak to text apps, the benefits are more, and you can enjoy the flexibility of writing anywhere and anytime.

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